Hey Wanderers. Welcome to 2022. The new year usually brings with it renewed energy and fitness aspirations. If you’ve already fallen off the wagon, this list could be just what you need to hop back on. If you’re hanging on by a thread, this could give you new life. If you’re standing firm, congratulations! Keep this list in your back pocket for when you feel the need to switch up your routine to keep yourself engaged. 

Best Peloton Rides, For Us 

On February 10th, @ScottieBeam posed the question on Twitter, “Black Women with Pelotons… What’s your favorite ride…” and the response was worth writing about. Don’t think for a second that because you don’t own a Peloton that this list isn’t for you. You don’t have to own a Peloton to appreciate the specially curated playlists that these instructors have crafted for their rides. Many Peloton Playlists are available to stream on Spotify and can be paired with any workout of your choosing. You also don’t need to be a Peloton owner to download the Peloton App and access all these amazing workouts free for 30 days. However, these instructors come so highly recommended, you may want to look into joining the Peloton community forever. Let’s dive into the list.

1. Hannah Frankson: 30-Minute Carnival Celebration Ride

Hannah Frankson Facebook

If you have a Peloton at home, you’ve likely already heard of Hannah Frankson, the former British volleyball player turned spin instructor from just outside of London. Black women flooded the comments section to relay how much they love her 30-minute carnival celebration ride, which features Sean Paul, Gyptian, and Tony Matterhorn among others. Sound like the kind of music you need to get you through your workout? Is that even a question? For those of you out there who prefer sweating to some R&B, you’ll be glad to know, Hannah has a ride and playlist with some old school Usher and Trey Songz as well as recent hits by Summer Walker and H.E.R. This 20-minute workout  comes with the black women of twitter’s stamp of approval as well. 

Some of Hannah’s other fan favorites include:

  • 30 Minute Spotify Door Knockers Ride
  • 20 Minute R&B with Hannah Frankson Ride

2. Alex Toussaint & Tunde Oyeneyin: 30-Minute Beyonce Two For One Ride

Tunde Oyeneyin Facebook

Alex and Tunde teamed up back in November 2021 to bless us with an amazing workout experience featuring none other than Queen B herself. Alex is known for channeling riders’ inner athlete. Alex’s rides can get competitive to say the least. Rest assured he’ll get your blood and adrenaline pumping. 

Tunde hails from Houston, Texas. Before she began tearing up the Peloton scene, she was a makeup artist. Her passion for fitness began later in life, but one ride with Tunde, and you’ll just know she was born to do this. 

Together, Alex and Tunde will get you warmed up to Crazy In Love, riding high and winded to Lose My Breath and leave you feeling fit and accomplished with Get Me Bodied as you complete your cool down. Curious what other Beyonce jams are featured on this ride? It’s definitely worth satisfying your curiosity. 

Alex and Tunde have some awesome individual rides that were raved about by several black women in Scottie Beam’s mentions. 

  • Alex Toussaint – 30 Minute 80s Ride
  • Alex Toussaint – 30 Minute Club Bangers Ride
  • Tunde Oyeneyin – 30 Minute Ms. Lauryn Hill Ride
  • Tunde Oyeneyin – 20 Minute Afrobeats Ride

3. Ally Love: 45-Minute Broadway Ride

Ally Love Facebook

Ally is a firm believer that being a boss is both mental and physical. One look at her resume and you’ll have to pick your jaw up off the floor. In addition to being a certified health coach, Ally is a model, dancer, business owner and host for the Brooklyn Nets. Talk about goals.

I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too – Broadway isn’t my thing. But this Black History Month inspired ride pieces together songs from The Lion King, Chicago, and Hamilton and features artists like Queen Latifah and Jennifer Holliday. Ally’s Broadway Ride is a thespian lover’s dream and a pleasant surprise for the rest of us. Doubt me? Give this ride a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

There were quite a few of Ally’s rides mentioned in the comments section. They include three of the fiercest artists that come to mind:

  • 30 Minute Beyonce Ride
  • 30 Minute Whitney Houston Ride
  • 20 Minute Tina Turner Ride

4. Kendall Toole: 30-Minute Megan Thee Stallion Ride

Kendall Toole of Peloton
Kendall Toole Facebook

Kendall is a former corporate catalyst turned boxing badass and fitness instructor. Kendall has a passion for helping others find and pursue their passions through fitness. Endearingly referred to as ‘Cousin Kendall,’,her classes are designed with positivity and support in mind. Oh, and a whole lot of soul.

Kendall’s Meg Thee Stallion Ride has been described as “The hypest live ride I’ve ever taken.”  There’s not a Meg Thee Stallion song that you want to hear that isn’t featured in this workout. 

Cousin Kendall received several shoutouts for her heroingly hype rides. Check out some of her other rides below.

  • 30 Minute Hip Hop Ride
  • 30 Minute Versuz Ride

5. Cody Rigsby: XOXO Series

Cody Rigsby Facebook

If you’re one of those people who needs to forget you’re actually working out to make it to the end, Cody will have you laughing through the pain while earning all the gains. Cody’s workouts are all about being present and having fun while bringing your true authentic self to every workout. No one in the comments referenced Cody without also mentioning laughter. On a good day or a bad day, this ride is a great one to try. 

Looking for other rides from Cody? Try the ones below:

  • 15 Minute Latin Ride
  • 30 Minute Pop Ride

Honorable Mention: Jess Sims – 45-Minute Dancehall Bootcamp

Jess Sims Facebook

Honorable mention can mean two things according to Urban Dictionary; amazing or last. When it comes to Jess Sims, the word ‘amazing’ is very much in order. 

Jess blends her background as a former collegiate basketball player and her previous experience as an educator to make each and every ride both challenging and supportive. In the spirit of duality, Jess created a Bootcamp that will have you sweating both on and off the bike. Start your cardio session on the bike with Beenie Man and finish your workout on the mat for some strength training while you vibe out to Movado. If you’re looking to be kept on your toes, this workout is for you.

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