Hey Wanderer, follow along with this full-body workout that will hit all major muscle groups in one session. This workout is packed with multi-joint and compound movements to keep you sweating in this 20-30 minute workout.

You can use this full-body workout as a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout or for strength training. Let us know in the comments how you did!


  1. Perform each circuit for 4-5 rounds 1 minute for each exercise.
  2. Rest: 30-45 seconds in between circuits

For Strength Training:

  1. Perform each circuit 3-4 rounds 8-12 reps for 1 minute.
  2. Rest: 60-90 seconds in between circuits


1. Cross Body Snatch

2. Hollow Presses

3. Shuffles: AM

4. Deadlift Cleans

5. Row Lateral Raise

6. Fly Curls

7. High Knee Runs

8. Reverse Lunge Presses

9. Crunch Jabs

10. Frog jumps→ Backpedal

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